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A Sail to Remember and a Night to Forget

April 11th, 2021

The day started out with a gorgeous sunrise and a brisk sail to Great Harbor Cay.

We knew there was another front coming in with winds from the north only to last about 30 minutes and then shift around to the south quickly so we decided to ride it our in Sugar Beach at Great Harbor Cay. Well, the forecast didn't hold and the system was much stronger. We were anchored in fairly shallow water and the storm system came in at night and the boat was violently rocking up and down. We both sat in the boat hoping and praying our anchor didn't break loose and we would end up on the beach. At one boat Kevin started the engines in case we needed to quickly get out of there. It lasted over 3 hours. I texted Val and Menno and they were up north in the Abacos. Their anchor broke loose and they almost hit a rock wall before re-anchoring. There is a saying that sailing is moments of sheer terror and sheer bliss. This was 3 hours of terror I would like to forget! Overall, we did OK but we found out the next day, air had gotten into our engine intake from running the engines while forcefully bobbing up and down so we shattered our impeller and broke the water pump on our port engine. The next day was spent moving over to the other side of Great Harbor and Kevin trying to track down someone at the marina who had a gear puller so he could replace the water pump. Thank God, we had a spare one on board and that was the problem. Otherwise, we would be limping back to the states with one engine.

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