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Beauty and the Beast!

February 5th-18th, 2021

Left Georgetown and sailed to Calabash Bay on Long Island. Spent night in Calabash Bay and then headed to Conception Island for several days.

On Conception, we snorkeled southern end. Paddleboarded. Walked extensive beach. Did a difficult hike on other side of island as far as we could go. Played Bocci Ball. Had a happy hour on beach with other cruisers. Mega Yacht Skyfall was there. Greensboro, NC people. Self made man.

It was all great until anchor windlass died….. It had been running slower and slower and slower. Kevin went to look at it and it stopped working all together. Kevin and Menno spent all afternoon one day troubleshooting it. Checking to make sure breaker was working. Checking to make sure solenoid was working. Checking to make sure proper voltage was getting to motor. Disconnecting motor in the anchor locker. Cleaning motor. Putting motor back and trying again. Nothing. Next morning was a challenge. Here is where my hero "The Beast of a Man" Kevin dove the anchor and pulled it out of the sand and attached a rope with a float to it. Kevin and Menno pulled it up all by hand and secured the anchor. Valerie directed me driving the boat. Thank God, it was a calm day.

Sailed back to Georgetown and picked up a mooring ball outside Chat and Chill. Sat there for a week waiting on Windlass motor. Ate at Chat and Chill- out of conch burgers- had cheeseburgers- they sucked. Met up with other cruisers for Arg or Arc- Alcohol research group. Happy Hour time.

Walked sandollar beach and other beaches on ocean side. Beautiful area.

Had a Girl’s day out with Valerie and Lana. Went shopping at straw market and ate lunch at Choppys.

Waited anxiously for part to come in on Thursday at last minute so we could leave Friday. Had Julian’s Jerk Ribs and they were the best I ever had.

Part came in and at 6:00, Kevin and Menno installed it and it powered on! So far so good! Biggest test will be when we get to Prime Cay the next day.

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