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Black Point- Best laundromat in the Bahamas

December 17th, 2021

We needed a change in scenery. Left Staniel Cay and headed to Black Point. Hoping to pick up some Coconut Cinnamon Bread from Lorraine's Mom for French toast and pick up some provisions. We bombed on the bread! Lorraine's mom was in Nassau! Instead, we got to enjoy the laundromat voted "Best in the Exumas, Bahams" Rockside Laundry. Door was open but there was an "out to lunch sign". Luckily we stumbled to the store down the street, and they had a sign that said "Laundry tokens sold here!). Only about 1/3 of the machines were working but that was enough for us! Got our sheets and towels laundered! I will say it had the best view of any laundromat.

We ate at a place known as Emerald Point that night. Only us and one other couple. Had to tell them what we wanted by 4:00. Cheeseburger and grouper fingers! It was good but typical menu for the Bahamas!

Next morning the mail boat finally came. Got last romaine lettuce and a few limes and zucchini to get us by......

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