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Cape Eleuthera Marina and Dinghy fix?

December 29th- January 1st, 2021

Happy New Year!!!

We decided to book a slip at Cape Eleuthera marina a couple of hours away to ride out the next cold front, spend New Years Eve there and attempt to get our dinghy engine fixed. The marina is located on the tip of Eleuthera and sits on a huge piece of property with several beaches and places to walk. Owned by Devos family so felt a bit like a family compound. Docking was very tricky. We didn’t get one of the T docks so had to back into to slip with tie offs on poles with lots of wind and current. Took 6 tries maybe??? Finally got it! One night it was a bit windy and the boat next to us ripped out one of the pilings. Glad it wasn’t us.

We Contacted Trevor Pinder at Pinder Marine. Great guy who came and got the dinghy and diagnosed the problem. Thought it would be fixed but New Years Eve at 5:30 we got the bad news that the shift shaft seal was bad and he didn’t have the part and would not be able to get it for a week or two. He was nice enough to give us the part numbers we needed, and additional transmission oil to keep us going until we were able to order the part to be delivered to Staniel Cay. We still Enjoyed walking around beautiful grounds and ate some good burgers and grouper fingers. Laundry facilities were appreciated and New Year’s Eve had a band and fireworks too. Also, had $300 fuel credit if stayed at least 4 nights. Would go back to again, especially if we could snag the T dock!

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