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Conception Island

Saturday March 28th

We spent 4 days in Clarence Town recuperating. Kevin cleaned the bottom of the boat which had much growth on it from sitting in the DR and I worked on cleaning the inside of the boat. We took breaks to swim or dinghy to nearby uninhabited islands just to enjoy the beautiful scenery and clear water. A few boats continued to try to get fuel but were turned away and one cruisers dinghy line was cut while going to shore for food. Near the end of our time here, the small local grocery store minimally stocked with potatoes and onions was turning cruisers away so we felt it was time to leave. We chose to sail northeast to Conception Island. It was a perfect sail and we were thrilled to reel in our first Mahi!

Conception Island is an uninhabited nature preserve part of the national park system of the Bahamas. It is a place that has the largest concentration of white tailed tropic birds in the Bahamas. Every morning and evening we watched these beautiful birds soar above our boat. We anchored in West Bay and had a little company. There were a couple of other cruising boats and a 180 ft yacht. The owners of the yacht were seen walking the beach and picking up trash. Even with their own chef, captain and staff they still appreciate maintaining the beauty of this place. In the bay, a lone dolphin and lone lemon shark swam by at times. The beach was a good mile long crescent shaped beach of powder like sand with limestone rock formations forming the backdrop. We spent our days paddle boarding, snorkeling and walking the beach. It was stunning! It was nice to escape the negative news for the two days we were there and we wished we could have stayed longer. However, the winds were shifting so we had to move on and knew we wanted to make it to Georgetown in the next couple of days.

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