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Cumberland Island, Georgia, Wild Horses and More

May 17th- May 22nd, 2021

We sailed overnight to Cumberland Island, Georgia. On the way at sunset, we had numerous dolphins come play alongside the boat. We also had our bilge alarm go off and realized we had a hot water heater leak in the engine compartment. Not a great sound to hear in the middle of the night. After entering St. Mary's Inlet, we anchored behind the island and got some rest. Kevin was still hurting but it was hard to resist exploring. Cumberland Island is a barrier island off Georgia’s southeast coast, with protected beaches and maritime forest. The Dungeness Ruins are the remains of a mansion built by Thomas Carnegie, brother and partner of steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie. We took the dinghy in and took the trail to the Dungeness Ruins. The live oaks were picturesque and their were wild feral horses everywhere. What an impressive place! Poor Kevin took many rests along the way often laying on his back on the various picnic tables throughout the property. I knew we had to get home but he was trying to make the most of it!

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