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Exploring the west coast of Eleuthera…..

December 20th- December 28th, 2020

We left early in the morning intending to sail through Current Cut towards the Glass Window but upon seeing the anchorage just north of Current Cut, deciding to put down anchor and stay the night. The conditions were optimal and the timing was perfect for us to head out to the cut in the dinghy and snorkel the cut as the currents were changing. We dove in with our wetsuits and trailed the dinghy behind us and first snorkeled west to east and then east to west as the current changed. It was finally great to be in the water- although somewhat chilly and see some French angels, butterfly fish and a brightly colored moray eel. After heading back to the boat, we took the dinghy in to the small settlement at the cut. Kind of spooky. Hardly a soul around except for tons of cats. Reminded you of what you would see in a zombie movie. We didn’t spend too much time there for it gave us the creeps.

The next day we progressed to Pelican Cay near Alabaster Bay. Set the anchor behind Pelican island but felt it wasn’t close enough to garner protection so attempted to reset the anchor. We started to drag and as we did we must of hooked a rock for all at once the boat jumped and the bridle snapped it two. Kevin was able to retie a temporary bridle and also a secondary bridle on our front mooring cleats to make it through the night until we could install a more permanent bridle the next day. So we re-anchored again after the chaos and tucked up behind Pelican Cay for the night. The next day we moved closer to the southern end of Alabaster Cay. Went in intending to go for a walk to the abandoned air force base and pink sand beach but with no one else around to watch our dinghy, felt uncomfortable leaving the boat. It still as a pretty anchorage but not at the top of our list.

As we continued to move south, we headed towards the Pineapple Cays. Our friends Deb and Lou caught up with us again so we both spent the night in the anchorage area. We took the dinghy into the small town and got a pizza to go. It was a choppy night due to weather but this would normally be a very beautiful place.

On Christmas Eve, we then moved on to Rock Sound, Eleuthera. This is a huge bay with wind protection from every direction but from the south. We had noticed some milky fluid seeping out our weep holes of the dinghy engine so we knew it was in need of service. There happens to be a Yamaha mechanic in southern Eleuthera so we made contact. After trying a telephone number in our cruising guides with no luck, we called Dingles store and they gave us a number of a person who should have the number for Trevor Pinder of Pinder Marine. No such luck. After 4 phone calls we finally got in tough with the guy who everyone said was “our man!”. We figured one the seals was leaking in the lower end unit but with the holiday, the earliest the parts would arrive was the 30th of December.

We spent the next 5 nights in Rock Sound. Moved to the Northwest corner of the bay for Christmas given a blow was coming through and then back to the eastern side of the bay. The day after Christmas we explored the Ocean Hole and Cathedral Cove with Deb and Lou and then ended the day with drinks and dinner at the Wild Orchid. We were the only table there all night!

On the 29th we moved to Cape Eleuthera marina a couple of hours away to ride out the next cold front, spend New Years Eve and attempt to get our dinghy engine fixed.

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