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Exumas, here we come!

January 2nd- January 4th, 2021

We sailed from Cape Eleuthera to Shroud Cay. Yes! Finally in the Exumas. Once in the Exumas, the water is gin clear and the different colors of blues representing different depths are just beautiful.

We met up with Lou and Deb in Shroud Cay and explored in their dinghy. We went up into the mangroves and to beach on the other side. The mangrove and beaches here are just stunning but you have to watch the tides! We also cleaned the bottom of the boat. Perfect place to get that done.

On the 4th, we moved from Shroud Cay to Hawksbill Cay. Took a trail and walked over to beach on other side. The beach was one of the best we have seen. Also went with Lou and Deb around Little Cistern looking for snorkel spot. Current was too strong to snorkel but again gorgeous places to explore.

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