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Hawksbill and Emerald Rock

December 8th-December 9th, 2021

We moved to Hawksbill Cay and anchored in a great spot. Paddle boarded again and took the dinghy to the ruins and the north side of the island. The flats are the north side were beautiful. Next time it would be awesome to be there at low tide. We took the hike to the beach on the other side and brought our snorkeling gear. Weather was calm so decided to jump in and snorkel the north side of the beach. Lots of sea fans. Water felt warm and refreshing. Kevin even took his shower off the back of the boat with a nurse shark watching!

Next morning we moved into the main section of the Exumas Land and Sea Park and went to the Emerald Rock anchorage and picked up a ball. Only ones in this anchorage. We avoided the Warderick Wells horseshoe anchorage because the 8 charter boats with the 80 Spanish speaking charterguests were there. When we paid for our ball, the park warden was pissed at them barreling into the anchorage and not making a reservation so he charged them $40 bucks for the ball, $14 per person and VAT tax. Over $200 bucks per boat per night. We were in line behind them and he says "Oh Counting Stars... you were here last year. $40. Karma and pay back time. We hiked to Boo Boo Hill and found our sign from last year. The sticker and markings wore off so we added a new sticker. Also, found Lou and Deb's sign!

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