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Hiking, Snorkeling and a Little Socializing

April 22nd, 2020

We decided to keep moving north in our attempt to gradually make it home and stopped in Pipe Creek. Again, it was tricky getting into the area and our Explorer charts helped immensely. We scouted out an anchorage on the northwest side of Pipe Cay but it already had two boats there and there was no more room. We also looked at the northern anchorage behind Thomas Cay and there were multiple coral heads and it was too shallow. We had passed two catamarans anchored behind the southern part of Thomas Cay on our entrance into Pipe Creek and decided to find a place near them to anchor. We had met the couple on one of the catamarans earlier in Staniel Cay because we recognized their boat named Eyra from Wilmington! What are the odds?

Valerie and Menno stopped by and told us of some good hikes across to the sound side. We took the shorter hike that day and the next day took the longer hike and it was beautiful.

In the afternoon, Valerie and Menno along with a buddy boat they were traveling with invited us to go drift snorkeling in the cut and then over for dinner. All three of us took our dinghys out to the cut at slack tide, jumped in and drifted through the pass while dragging the dinghy. It was a lot of fun. We also did the same thing along the cut between the Mice and Rat Cay.

Dinner was such a great time! Eyra supplied the mahi, Sandbox (the other couples boat) supplied the rice and I brought hot artichoke dip! Valerie and I knew some of the same people and even worked out together in the same aerobics class! We laughed a ton and it was one of our best days in the Bahamas. It is sad to see what we have been missing with Covid. Cruisers normally get together at the beach or for happy hour and talk about where they have been and boat life but we have been so isolated, this was the first opportunity we had to socialize in a long time! Afterwards, both couples said they had discussed whether they should let us in their circle and decided we were safe.

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