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Iguanas, Coconut Bread and a Magician

January 17th-20th, 2021

Moved to Bitter Guana Cay. Iguanas greeted us in two areas. Hiked to top. Paddleboarded. Very pretty spot.

Moved on to Black Point. A little choppy but brought dinghy in for walk ashore around town. Bought some eggs and Lorraine’s famous coconut bread. Makes absolutely wonderful french toast! Could barely get in dinghy to get back to boat cause waves along dinghy dock for intense. Decided to move to Little Bay a little south for more calm protection. What a difference. Went ashore and walked about 1.5 miles to dump. Nice picturesque bay.

Then moved to Rudder Cut Cay. Anchored near Jimmy’s Cay. Explored ashore. Passed Musha Cay- David Copperfields island to get there. Beautiful!

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