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Pretty pink houses, Christmas lights and another Covid test Day 5……

December 17th-19th, 2020

We had a brisk sail from Sugar Beach to Spanish Wells Eleuthera. Averaged about 8 knots. We were looking for some protection from the wind so anchored on the east side of Meeks Patch Island . We were all by ourselves for the night and enjoyed seeing the few wild pigs on shore. Winds shifted again, so the next day we moved to the anchorage just outside Spanish Wells. We took the dinghy in that morning to check it out and find out the location of where we would receive our 5 day day Covid Quick Antigen Test. We had been assigned an appointment at 3:30 but we wanted to scope out a place to tie off the dinghy and see how far a walk to the testing center it would be. We tied up the dinghy at Yacht Haven Marina and explored the town. Lots of activity going on, with golf carts and cars zipping back and forth but if you were on the side streets, there were lots of homes with Christmas decorations that made it festive. We found the testing center, then went back to our boat to rest until our appointment at 3:30.

So we show up early, just to get it over with and we were directed to wait outside the back of a building until the people performing the testing showed up. About 12 of us began to gather outside. Eventually, the back door of the building opens, and one guy takes pictures of our health visas and a nurse in PPE gear swabs our noses. Quick, but definitely not painless! Two hours later we get our results by email. Negative again! We are free to be within the Bahamas! Yea!!!!!

That night we had drinks and dinner at Budda’s bar with our friends Lou and Deb that just arrived. It was outdoor and we were one of the few people there. Still, while on the street and definitely within the grocery stores, masks are prevalent. In fact, we have seen a couple of Bahamians actually back away from us Americans. Most people seem to be taking Covid seriously.

We hung around Spanish Wells another day and took the dinghy in and tied up as usual at Yacht Haven. This time we walked towards the west side of the island and then over to the beach and the scenery was stunning. The beach ran for a couple of mile along with a shallow sandbar. It was nice to get some exercise and see some people who rented cottages celebrating the days before Christmas.

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