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Prime Cay- Haunted with Human Remains

February 19th- February 25th, 2021

Prime Cay- definitely in my top three- anchor worked flawlessly. So much faster than before. Turtle Cove, Human Remains, and snorkeling- what more could you ask for?

Room for only about 3 boats and tricky to get into with the tides but once there, you can hike and dinghy to various spots and snorkel. A little bit creepy that some human bones can be found in various places. I even found a femur under water. Who knows where they came from? Was it Haitians that drowned at sea on their way to the U.S? Who knows but it is a a beautiful resting place.

Close by is the island owned by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Spent some time nearby. It is for sale. Whoever buys it is one lucky person.

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