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Red Shanks Again and Carburetor Cleaning

March 5th-March 10th, 2021

Another weather front was coming so we returned to the safety of the Red Shanks Anchorage near Georgetown. Being tucked into a corner behind a hill was great to ride out the windy weather. Plus, you get get off the boat at times and go for a walk to stretch your legs.

We even were able to take a wet dinghy ride to catch a bite to eat at a resort before the real bad weather moved in. Boats all run to certain places and it can get a bit testy at times between boaters especially if someone anchors too close. See pics below. We were a stones throw from this guy. I typically put on my bitch wings and stare them down and sometimes they realize they are irritating us and move. Other times like this guy, he asks like a pompous jerk and says no worries, I won't drag. We just made sure to play our music real loud.

The dinghy engine was dying at low idle so Kevin figured out how to clean the carburetor, hoping that was the problem. Success! After that it worked again!

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