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Shroud Cay- The "Rapids" and The "Fridge"

December 6th-7th, 2021

Shroud Cay, one of our favorite places. We usually anchor in a particular place but the park had put in some mooring balls in the area and we couldn't get in as close. Don't really enjoy spinning on a mooring ball. Therefore, we anchored a little farther north so we could explore an area of the mangroves we hadn't been to before and snorkel a spot Menno told us about.

Off to the mangroves we went at high tide up toward a place called "The Rapids" It is an area where the mangrove water rushes out to the sea producing little waves or rapids you can be carried out with. We hit it at the right time. Right when 8 charter boats and there 80 guests were leaving and when the tide was switching from high to low. Otherwise the current would be too great! Also, hiked to the top of a hill where a camp known as Driftwood used to be. Supposedly used by people to spy on the drug planes flying in to Norman Island.

We then snorkeled a place known as "The Fridge" in the cut between Norman and Shroud. We had to do a drift snorkel with the dinghy. Beautiful coral but the current was a little swift.

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