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Staniel Cay and Watermaker Drama

December 11th-December 16th, 2021

First night we anchored near the marina and had dinner on the fancy side of life. Sit down dinner by candlelight with soup, salad, fish and dessert. Atmosphere was nice. Food just ok. Rum cake consisted of Sara Lee pound cake with a teaspoon of Rum. A bit disappointing but we still had a nice night out. Moved to the Big Majors anchorage the next day and started tackling the watermaker. We noticed it was making water very very slowly. We contacted the manufacturer in France. Communication was slow and at odd hours. We were up at 4 a.m. for two days testing things on the water maker and sending emails to France while they were open given the time difference. We tested the water output and according to the manual it was working......... but the salinity was high. We thought we had a bad membrane. Also, it was cycling on and off because the salinity indicator was saying it was too salty. After lots of back and forth, the customer rep in France said the manual needed to be corrected. Instead of 540 L per hour, we should be getting 700-800 L per hour. Ok? Then, he thought it was the seals and the delivery LP pump. Quote of around $1500 sent from France. To replace the seals, it was at least 50 seals with a 30 page manual. Kevin admitted this was challenging without the right tools. Even in his workshop at home, it would have taken a week. We had a pump head spare on board so we thought we would give it a shot. Voila!!! Pressures were up, water was being delivered and proper amounts were being made. This all took place over 3 days. Thought we were going to have to give up and go back to Florida. We dodged a huge bullet!! Kevin and his mechanical skills are something I am grateful for.... He got the job done- my hero!

Paddle boarded again, put up the Christmas lights and tree and met some cruisers for happy hour at Cruiser's Beach!

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