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The Beginning of a New Season

November 1st, 2021

Heading for the Bahamas again! Due to some of the Covid hurdles with all the Caribbean islands and that the Bahamas is such a beautiful group of over 400 islands, we are going where its "Better in the Bahamas" again! After Kevin's neck healed by August, we completed so many boat projects on Counting Stars including but not limited to running barnacle buster through all the AC units and engines, changing oil and antifreeze on generator, changing oil on engines, replacing ITC converter and helm instruments due to lightning strike, replacing depth finder, installing new VHF, installing a switch to run windlass off of batteries, replacing furling line, rebedding and cleaning up hardware, rebedding and adding on backing plates to cleats, fixing hot water heater leak, adding switch for our water filtering Mr. Fixer and replacing UV light, changing membrane and fixing leak in watermaker and new dinghy purchase and dinghy installation and oil change in dinghy engine, along with the purchase and installation of a new mainsail to just name a few of our accomplishments. Boat work never ends.

We left Wilmington on a cold clear beautiful day.

Two nights were spent motoring to St. Mary's Inlet but although we didn't get to sail, we were thankful for the calm conditions. Upon arriving into St. Mary's, the weather was deteriorating and they were calling for a significant nor'easter in St. Mary's/Fernandina Beach. Worry started setting in and we new it would be very uncomfortable anchoring off of Cumberland island for several days, dealing with significant chop on the intracoastal waterway and constantly checking our anchor. I called Fernandina Harbor Marina and we lucked out and go the last inside slip available. Boats that road out the next several days on the outside of the dock bounced up and down considerably while we had much less movement. Temps were in the 40s and wind was gusting to 50 mph for two days so it was pretty miserable outside. Our heaters worked great on the boat so we stayed toasty and warm. Even went out to Pablo's Mexican Restaurant before the nasty weather hit. Had a wonderful Organic Margarita- best I ever had. Also, Kevin taught me to play chess. I lost but still I kept the game going for 2 hours so I can't be that bad.

We ended up staying for a week at Fernandina Harbor Marina given the weather and seas took a while to calm down. Did laundry, took an uber to grocery shop and enjoyed walking the town. The huge mega yacht in the pic above is owned by the owner of the Buffalo Bills. On Sunday, he lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars so he high tailed it out of Jacksonville to Fernandina Beach. The docks are public so people continually walk by and talk the crew mentioning the show "Below Deck" every single time! Great place to stay! We are off tomorrow to St. Augustine!

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