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The Grouper are Calling!!!

February 26th- March 2nd, 2021

Back at Rudder Cut Cay anchored in Bay with Cave and palm trees. The grouper are calling. We hiked to an old mansion rumored to be owned by a Nazi sympathizer and British hotelier during WWII , known as Sir Guy Baxter.

King George of England gifted the island to Baxter upon his knighthood and it served as a lucrative plantation for him with livestock, cotton, palm oil, and more.

In 1938, he built an 8,000 square foot “castle” on the highest point of the island. According to some elderly locals, they remember seeing strange flashing lights during the war coming from the rooftop of the castle. Allegedly, it was discovered that Baxter was guiding German submarines prowling the Atlantic Oceans, allowing them to take refuge in Darby Island’s “exotic network of caves.”

The house still had some furniture and the bathrooms were elaborate at the time. Also, had electricity. It was fun to walk through.

This was our last hangout with Val and Menno and Lana and Robert. We parted ways and they headed north and we headed south. It was sad for all!

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