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Time to move on...

April 16th, 2020

Anchor’s Away! We decided to move on before the next lock down period and get to Staniel Cay to get fuel before anything changes. We felt if we got fuel, we would have enough to get to Florida in case fuel became unavailable down the road. We headed to Rat Cay cut to enter the Great Bahama Bank from the Exuma sound. Entering the cut, the water changed to a brilliant clear blue and we had to navigate some shallow areas and anchored for the night in Williams Cay on Lee Stocking Island. Now this was a place we want to come back to! The anchorage was flanked by 3 beaches with walking trails and nearby you could dinghy into an old abandoned marine research station equipped with a hyperbaric chamber. The island was taunting us to explore and we will definitely go back next year but the need for fuel was calling us.

The next day we headed across the Brigantine Bank and traversed the cut between New Cay and Brigantine Cay and then headed across Galliot Bank and anchored in Little Bay near Black Point on Great Guana Cay for the night. Depths across the bank are consistently between 6 and 12 feet of water and a gin clear blue. You have to be on the lookout for scattered coral heads and dodge them when necessary. Once in Little Bay we swam ashore and it felt good to get in the warm water and walk the small beach.

Early the next morning we headed off to Staniel Cay. The fuel dock was open but it was a challenging place to get fuel. The pilings were super tall and the dock was five feet above our heads. Kevin had to climb a ladder to pay the bill. We were relieved. At least we had a full tank.

We eventually found a place to anchor after much deliberation but it ended up being a wonderful place to spend the next 4 days. We could snorkel off the back of the boat each day and we even had a visitor! Kevin was in the water and a dolphin came within 10 feet of him before circling around again later in the day. I jumped in this time with mask and snorkel and the dolphin came right up to me, opened its mouth and rolled on its belly. He was so close I was looking down the throat of the dolphin teeth and all! Dolphins are supposed to be friendly- right? It really was an awesome magical experience!

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