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We have arrived!!!

November 27th, 2021

There is nothing like seeing that beautiful blue clear water when arriving in the Bahamas. And it only gets bluer and more gin clear the further south you go. Pulled into the marina at Great Harbour Cay and checked in with immigration and customs. Had filled out the new online Click 2 Clear system and had our vaccine cards along with our approved covid test health visas for entry. It went smoothly, but we had to wait a couple of hours for the customs official to show up. Bahamas time! Also, we were able to get an Aliv sim card set up so we have internet! Spent the night outside of marina on the west side and then moved to Sugar Beach on the East side the following morning. We were the only ones there by that evening. Absolutely crystal clear beautiful water, light winds and a perfect day. A dolphin even swam by. By the next morning, the weather and winds had changed so we had to move.

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