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We made it!

December 14th, 2020

But not without some last minute stress…

Kevin and I had ordered the Everlywell Covid Test kits while we were back in St. Augustine. We figured that this was the easiest thing to do given we were not sure where in Florida we were going to take off from. Finding a testing center and the transportation means to get there might have been difficult so we thought a kit that we could drop off at a UPS dropbox anywhere would be easier. Well, yes and no. The kit was $129 compared to the 200-300 people were paying to get their results quickly. A month earlier, results from Everlywell were coming back with 24 hours. For us that was not our experience, so it came down to the wire. We knew we wanted to leave Sunday December 13th so we figured dropping the kits off at a UPS dropbox on Wednesday would leave us plenty of time to get the results back and apply for our Bahamas travel health visas. We swabbed our own noses- not fun and hoped for the best. Kits did arrive at lab on Thursday. Kevin got his results back by 2 a.m. Saturday but my results were still processing. By Saturday afternoon, I knew something was wrong. There is no way to contact anyone reliable at Everlywell. I found a telephone number for the lab in Alabama and miraculously on a Saturday afternoon, someone answered the phone. She was able to find out that they were having trouble uploading the results of over 1800 samples. Mine was one of them. The computer issues were eventually fixed after several follow up phone calls and at 5:00 I got my results. Both of us negative we then applied for the Bahamas health Visa. Another glitch! Everything went smoothly and we were both approved until we had to pay. The payment would not go through so I couldn’t get our approval paperwork. I tried two times for Kevin and once for me. Emailed the travel Bahamas website and again, miracle #2 got someone to respond from both the Bahamas travel website and the payment center. Finally, we had the travel Visas in hand but we had to arrive by

the next day.

We set out around 9:00 a.m. on Sunday December 13th from West Palm Beach and motored the whole way.

The sea was like glass with no wind to sail but crossing the gulf stream was easy and uneventful. We arrived at Great Harbour Cay Marine in the Berries.

Anchored first and called the marina but ultimately had to dock the boat at the marine for Customs and Immigration officials to board the boat. All paperwork was quickly processed. We anchored in a bay north of the marina, took a few deep breaths, had a few drinks and celebrated our arrival finally!

The next day we moved to a bay on the northeastern side of the Berries, known as Sugar Beach. Usually winds are out of the east which makes this beautiful anchorage untenable but winds were out of the south. We stayed here two nights and took the dinghy to shore and walked to Shark beach and the next day walked the other direction towards the northern part of the bay. The beach went on for miles.

Wish we could have stayed here for days on end but our schedule often follows the weather. We had to move along and our next stop was Spanish Wells, Eleuthera.

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